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No Answer? Try Email!

During this busy time of the month, the phones ring nonstop, especially in the Water Department. Please rest assured, your calls are not being ignored. If your call goes unanswered, Kathy and Rachel are most likely on the other line or with customers at the window.

The best way to receive a timely response with City Offices during the first week of the month is email.

If you prefer communicating via telephone, ALWAYS leave a voicemail. Please be sure to include your name, address, phone number, and a brief description of your inquiry/issue. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Parades & Other Special Events Now Required to Submit Free Application

Any individual or organization that intends to hold a special event on City-owned property or public right-of-way within the City’s corporation limit is now required to submit an application to the Service Director. Any public or private gatherings including races, block parties, festivals, parades, performances, or other group events that utilize public property or right-of-way will be subject to this policy and application process. The cost is free.

The intent of this policy and application approval process is to streamline the collection and distribution of information to and from various City departments for each requested special event in the City.

Beginning in September, the application must be submitted to the Service Director at least 90 days prior to the event. Exceptions to this deadline must be approved by the City.

For more information, or to download the required materials, stop by the Mayor’s Office or visit the following links:

Contractors Must Now Register

In an effort to move the City of Wellston in a direction of growth, Code Enforcement Officer Ryan Pelletier recommended the implementation of a new City ordinance for registering contractors who conduct business within the City. Council accepted Pelletier’s recommendation, and now contractors MUST register with the Office of Code Enforcement.
Many residential and commercial projects conducted within the City are performed without liability insurance. Pelletier researched many municipalities throughout Ohio, including Chillicothe, Lancaster, Mentor, and many more.

Here are the benefits of Contractor Registration:

  1. Allows for each contractor who performs business within the city to provide a level of service to the certification they may hold.
  2. The plan will require contractors to provide a minimum of $250,000 in coverage for bodily harm and property damage. It will NOT be the responsibility of the City to ensure the contractor is carrying the proper amount of liability coverage for the job being performed. This only ensures the contract is at least carrying some sort of liability coverage.
  3. The plan will ensure that individuals proclaiming to be certified licensed contractors do in fact have a license in their area of expertise.
  4. All contractors who obtain the registration will be listed on the city website along with their registration verification. This verification will show any license numbers they may carry.
  5. The plan will generate some income to be used to help offset the cost of the Zoning/Code Enforcement department. The registration fee will be $100.00 for each contractor annually
  6. The plan will also make ALL contractors performing work in the city to register with RITA.

To access the forms online, visit https://cityofwellston.org/permits/


Did you know the city of Wellston offers Hyper-Reach notifications? Hyper-Reach messages are breaking alerts tailored to your street address, including road closures, boil alerts, etc. All landline phones are registered.

All residents should sign up for email, cell-phone, and/or email alerts through Hyper-Reach. Sign up using the link below to begin receiving Hyper-Reach Alerts!


Know Your City Ward

Here’s a map to show boundaries for voting wards.  Each ward has an elected council person, plus there are three “at large” council positions.  All voting in the city of Wellston occurs at the Jackson-Vinton Community Action Building (the old Central School) at 118 South New York Avenue.  Polls are set up in the gymnasium.city wards