Welcome to the Official Web Page for the City of Wellston, Ohio

Forms and Ordinances

All files are in .pdf format unless otherwise noted.

General City Forms –

Water and Sewer Office Forms –


Code Enforcement Portal: https://wellstonoh234.portal.iworq.net/portalhome/wellstonoh234 Permit Manager: https://wellstonoh.portal.iworq.net/portalhome/wellstonoh Rental Licenses: https://wellstonoh23.portal.iworq.net/portalhome/wellstonoh23 Contractor Licenses: https://wellstonoh2.portal.iworq.net/portalhome/wellstonoh2

2023 Ordinances and Resolutions –

2022 Ordinances and Resolutions –

2023 Wellston City Council Minutes –

2022 Wellston City Council Minutes –

2021 Ordinances and Resolutions –

2020 Ordinances and Resolutions –

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