Welcome to the Official Web Page for the City of Wellston, Ohio

Appointed Boards

Wellston Civil Service Commission

  • Adam Massie, Chair
  • Susan Emmert
  • John Derrow

Wellston Parks and Recreation Grant Fund Committee

  • Lynley Carey
  • Missy Brenner
  • Tami Phillips
  • Scot Sturgill
  • Roger Rader
  • Keith Woolum
  • Phil Fain
  • Jeffrey Bates
  • Fred Snider
  • Mike Potts
  • Megan Sowers
  • Jeff Plummer

Wellston Planning and Zoning Board

  • George Jacubec, Chair
  • John Stabler
  • Tim Wojdacz, P.E.
  • Martha Deck
  • Carl Dutcher
  • Connie Pelletier

Wellston Recovery Commission

  • Dan Waugh
  • Peggy Shumate
  • Phil Fain

Wellston Revolving Loan Fund Board

  • Dan Waugh, Chair
  • Barb Prater
  • Susan Emmert
  • Roger Beatty
  • Charlotte Patrick
  • John Derrow, Jr.
  • Connie Pelletier

Wellston Tree Commission

  • Jane Chevalier
  • Roaby Browning
  • Kathy Walburn
  • Josh McWilliams

To contact any of these boards or their individual members, call the Mayor’s Office at (740) 384-2720


The City of Wellston is an equal opportunity provider and employer

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