Welcome to the Official Web Page for the City of Wellston, Ohio

Boil Order!

A Boil order is in effect for south 13 street or any customers with low pressure or no water

The City of Wellston will be cleaning the sidewalk’s of vegetation, Downtown Wednesday October 14th, 2020 through Friday October 16th, 2020. The work will start at 7:30AM. Please try to avoid parking in the downtown area from 7:00 to 9:00 on these three days. The work will stop by 9:00 AM to avoid any disruption with local commerce.

Garbage Can Delivery

New Garbage Can Program

Attention: Over 2000 new Garbage Cans will be delivered this week. Here is a list of what to expect and do.

– They will be delivered by zones, no need to call unless your neighbor got one and you didn’t.

-They will be set curbside with a flyer of instructions about the program

-With 2000 cans, there will likely be a few mistakes- wrong size, no 2nd can that was ordered, etc., please call the Mayor’s Office and we will get it corrected

-There was a well-publicized program to request different size cans, extra cans, or special handling requests for Seniors. If you didn’t apply for any of these things and now need to we will get to your request in a first come, first serve basis.

-If damaged or stolen- report to the Police in order to get the can replaced

– ALL garbage needs to be in can, anything not in can will be subject to an extra charge

-All households are required to use the cans, the Garbage Dept. will not pick Garbage not in City issued cans. Outside vendors are prohibited from hauling residential Garbage without permission from the Service Director

-Cans will be registered to the address with corresponding serial numbers

-We will make exceptions for excess Garbage Fees the week after Thanksgiving and Christmas

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this rollout, this is another step in making the City a better place.

Columbia Gas Assistance

Having trouble paying your Columbia Gas bill? Please contact them to take advantage of payment plans and assistance before disconnections resume. Call 1-800-344-4077 or message them on Facebook or Twitter.

The city has received monies to assist utility customers that fell behind on their bill during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to a partnership formed with Community Action.

Community Action has been attempting to contact eligible customers by telephone. If you believe you are eligible and would like assistance, please call Community Action at (740) 384-3722.

Sign Up for Hyper-Reach

Did You Know? The City of Wellston offers Hyper-Reach notifications. Hyper-Reach messages are breaking alerts tailored to your street address, including road closures, boil alerts, etc. All landline phones are registered.

All residents should sign up for email, cell-phone and/or email alerts through Hyper-Reach. Sign up using the link below to begin receiving Hyper-Reach Alerts!


Know Your City Ward

Here’s a map to show boundaries for voting wards.  Each ward has an elected council person, plus there are three “at large” council positions.  All voting in the city of Wellston occurs at the Jackson-Vinton Community Action Building (the old Central School) at 118 South New York Avenue.  Polls are set up in the gymnasium.city wards