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Traffic Concerns

Starting Monday August 27th, paving crews will begin work on South Pennsylvania Avenue Between 13th and 15th Streets. This means that after 6:00 am on Monday, August 27, no one will be able to park on the street and all cars must be moved by that time. If you know someone in that area, please share this information with them. The road will remain open but will be reduced to one lane of traffic.
John Robinson
Acting Chief of Police

SR 327 paving project

Paving Work To Begin On S.R. 327

Construction will get under way on state Route 327 in Jackson County next week, as contractors for the Ohio Department of Transportation will be paving the route in Wellston.

On Monday, August 27, crews from Nuko Paving will be resurfacing S.R. 327 between the route’s junction with S.R. 124, south of S.R. 32, and the north corporation limit. More specifically, the project will extend from just south of County Road 78 (Fairgreens Road) to S.R. 93 (13th Street) and then continue along Broadway Street and Minnesota Avenue to the city’s corporation limit, west of Golden Rocket Drive.

Throughout construction, traffic will be maintained in one lane with the use of flaggers. Temporary signals will also be installed from 15th to 13th Streets, where the contractors will be repairing bridge joints and performing surface repairs on the structure.

Although the route will remain open to traffic, motorists are advised to expect temporary periods of delay and to use additional caution through the work zone.

Nuko Paving, Inc. was awarded a contract for $1,070,493 to complete the project, and all work is scheduled to be completed in early fall.

For more information contact:

Kathleen Fuller, public information officer
Ohio Department of Transportation – District 9

Wellston, Jackson, Coalton, and Oak Hill will all observe Trick or Treat on Wednesday October 31st from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

PHASE III – Issued July 26, 2018

A list of delinquent grass parcels located within the city of Wellston.

Property Owner | Address | Parcel Number

  • William B. Dunn 210 N. Pennsylvania Av M240090003600
  • Paul & Betty Jane Ghearing / Cindy Townsend 11 E. C St M240060005000
  • William D. Morris & Philip Lee Morris 10 E. C St M240090002300
  • Kenneth A. Mills 309 E. A St M240090009500
  • Randy K. & Jane A. Pedigo 416 W. Broadway St M240110011200
  • Danielle Stilson 19 N. Minnesota Av M240110002400
  • Donald W. Jones Jr. 515 W. A St M240080010700
  • Randy K. & Jane A. Pedigo 418 E. 2nd St M240230012500
  • Jack Pratt / Carol Estep-Scheerhorn 1010 S. Vermont Av M240230008500
  • Winifred Gregory 923 S. Pennsylvania Av M240220004100
  • Nancy M. White 15 S. Michigan Av M240110016600
  • Oasis Rentals LLC 241 S. Michigan Av M240200006600
  • James C Jones II 804 S. Michigan Av M240210007600
  • Mary S. Floyd 41 W. 10th St M240210008500
  • Terry Smith 223 W. 2nd St M240110020600
  • Bonnie Longworth Summers (Deceased) 448 S. Illinois Av M240200010400
  • Harry C. Manring Jr. 412 S. Wisconsin Av M240200013800
  • Steve & Carla Osborne 705 S. Wisconsin Av M240190001000
  • Thomas Morgan (Deceased) 808 S. Wisconsin Av M240200015700
  • Ralph E. Christian 1001 S. Wisconsin Av M240190000200
  • Duane E. Winland 1257 S. Michigan Av M240280007100

Ryan Pelletier, Director of Code Enforcement
City of Wellston
203 East West Broadway Street
Wellston, Ohio 45692
740-384-3842, Office
740-384-3357, Fax

City Income Tax

RITA will be managing taxes for both Jackson and Wellston. If you have questions, please call 1-800-860-7482. There are a lot of people that live in Wellston but work in Jackson. Please talk to your employer and to RITA to make sure it is done properly.

Phase II:  A list of delinquent grass parcels located within the city of Wellston.

Property Owner | Address | Parcel Number

  • Jeffrey Bolen, 0 Minnesota Ave. M240110011700
  • Nancy White, 15 S. Michigan Ave. M240110016600
  • John Swords, 153 Driving Park M240270006900
  • Wade Howard, 205 S. Illinois Ave. M240200012300
  • Beth Jenkins, 15 S. Wisconsin Ave. M240110015800
  • Jimmy Wilbur, 215 E. 11th Street M240200000300
  • Terry Smith, 223 W. 2nd Street M240110020600
  • Oliver Taylor, 234 S. Minn Ave. M240190004200
  • Oasis Rentals LLC, 241 S. Michigan Ave M240200006600
  • Paul Wilbur, 318 1st Street M240110018500
  • Jimmy Wilbur, 276 S. Indiana Ave. M240210001800
  • Mike Kinnison, 437 S. Minn. Ave. M240180002100
  • Summers Longworth Bonnie, 448 S. Illinois Ave M240200010400
  • David Jones, 616 4th Street M240170004000
  • Gary Cundiff, 627 W. Michigan Ave. M240200002800
  • Lila McManus, 632 S. Michigan M240210006600
  • Thomas Morgan, 701 W. D Street M240030005300
  • Steven Osborne, 705 S. Wisconsin M240190001000
  • James Jones, 804 S. Michigan M240210007600
  • Thomas Morgan, 808 S. Wisconsin Ave. M240200015700
  • Margaret Hartley, 811 S. Wisconsin Ave. M240190000300
  • Ralph Christian, 1001 S. Wisconsin Ave M240190000200
  • Angie Hallmark, 1210 Kansas Ave. M240160012801
  • Larry Barnhouse, 1415 S. Ohio Ave. M240290005700
  • William Hall, 1445 S. Ohio Ave. M240290005400
  • Margaret Taborn, 1447 S. New York Ave M240300004300
  • Elizabeth Hendricks, 0 Kansas M240160012500
  • Gary Cundiff, 8 S. Minn Ave M240110015300
  • Scottie Ford, 0 Kansas M240160012000
  • Elizabeth Hendricks, 0 Kansas M240160012900
  • Phyllis Christman, 0 Kansas M240160012400
  • Paul Childers, 0 ST RT 327 M240050001600
  • David Tribby, 708 S. Wisconsin M240200015000
  • Scottie Ford, 0 Kansas M240160012100
  • Scottie Ford, 0 Kansas M240160012200
  • Gary Cundiff, 1490 S. Penn. Ave M240300006501

Ryan Pelletier, Director of Code Enforcement
City of Wellston
203 East Broadway Street
Wellston, Ohio 45692
740-384-3842, phone
740-384-3357, fax

The City of Wellston is releasing the Phase 1 Delinquent Grass Cutting List. The attached list is those properties which have been inspected and found to be non compliant by the May 14th, 2018 deadline. The attached list will be mowed starting Monday, May 21st, 2018. This list is Phase 1 of 2 and a second list will be released one week from today. Property owners listed may be subject to a fine along with an assessment to the property taxes for processing and cutting cost reimbursement.

Ryan Pelletier, Director of Code Enforcement
City of Wellston
203 East West Broadway Street
Wellston, Ohio 45692
740-384-3842, Office
740-384-3357, Fax

  • Gary Cundiff 0 S. Massachusetts M240240011000
  • Gary Cundiff 304 E. 12th Street M240300010500
  • Gary Cundiff 306 E. 12th Street M240300010400
  • Gary Cundiff 515 E. 10th Street M240230001200
  • Gary Cundiff 922 S. Vermont M240230007900
  • Gary Cundiff 511 E. 10th Street M240230008100
  • William A. Rawlins 1317 S. Conn. Ave.M240310025900
  • William A. Rawlins 0 S. Conn Ave. M240310026000
  • Randy Pedigo 418 E. 2nd Street M240230012500
  • Randy Pedigo 416 W. Broadway Street M240110011200
  • Donald Jones 515 W. “A” Street M240080010700
  • Paul Tatman, Joyce A Thurston 302 W. Broadway Street M240110010500
  • Harley Woltz 0 E. 12th Street M240300010600
  • Loan Central, INC 0 S. Delaware M240250002500
  • David Wandling 0 S. Delaware M240250002600
  • David Wandling 0 S. Delaware M240250002700
  • Charles Rife 10 E. “C” Street M240090002400
  • Alan Arthur Corp 1214 S. Ohio Ave.M240290009101
  • Alan Arthur Corp 0 12th Street M240290011300
  • Alan Arthur Corp 0 12th Street M240290011400
  • Alan Arthur Corp 0 W. Pennsylvania Ave. M240290012600
  • Alan Arthur Corp 0 W. Pennsylvania Ave. M240290012601
  • Janet Jayjohn 0 McGhee Lane M240330003401
  • William D. Morris E. “C” Street M240090002300
  • Paul Ghearing 11 E. “C” Street M240060005000
  • Danielle Stilson 19 N Minnesota Ave. M240110002400
  • Wynona Duuglas 20 E “D” Street M240060004700
  • Randall Hatten 21 N. Minnesota Ave. M240110002500
  • Bonnie Huston 61 Copes Lane M240020005200
  • Edith Smith 114 S. Ohio Ave M240120014600
  • John McGee 204 N. New York Ave. M240090004300
  • William Dunn 210 N. Pennsylvanina Ave M240090003600
  • Margaret Taborn 223 E. 12th Street M240300012200
  • Kenneth Mills 309 E. “A” Street M240090009500
  • Lorena Leach 314 E. 6th Street M240230017900
  • Marsha Hutchison 320 N. Park Ave M240050003400
  • Harry Sutcliffe 322 E. 1st Street M240120011600
  • Patricia Johnson 322 N. Michigan M240050004500
  • Paul Pittenger 323 McGhee Lane M240330005600
  • US Bank National Assoc. 422 N. Park Ave. M240060000800
  • Susan Morgan 520 W. Mass. Ave. M240230001800
  • Isaiah Enterprise LLC 550 W. Broadway M240110004000
  • Jeffrey Geer 713 S Vermont Ave M240230010500
  • David Seitz 741 S. New Hampshire M240240000300
  • Katharine Waulk 822 S. Mass. Ave. M240240011100
  • Wesley Smith 919 S. Pennsylvania Ave M240220004200
  • Jack Pratt 1010 S. Vermont Ave. M240230008500
  • Lionel Short 1016 S. New York Ave. M240230022700
  • Larry Ousley 1112 S. New York Ave M240300014400
  • Larry Wilbur 1250 S. Vermont Ave. M240300022800
  • Earl Depue 1267 S. Mass Ave. M240300007900
  • Brice Henry 1400 S. Delaware Ave. M240310002800
  • Gene Arms 1332 S. Pennsylvania Ave. M240300016600