Welcome to the Official Web Page for the City of Wellston, Ohio

Hydrant Flushing Schedule

The Wellston Fire Department will be testing hydrants October 14th – October 18th, and October 21st – October 25th. Water discoloration is possible during this time, please use caution when doing laundry, cooking, and using water for consumption. We will be in the following areas during these days, but this may not limit discoloration to the scheduled area:

  • Monday October 14th: North Corporation limit to intersection of 2nd Street and New York Ave.
  • Tuesday October 15th: Intersection of 3rd Street and Massachusetts Ave. to 800 Block of South Pennsylvania Ave
  • Wednesday October 16th: 1000 Block New Hampshire Ave to the Intersection of McGhee Lane and Honeysuckle Lane
  • Thursday October 17th: Intersection of McGee Lane and Honeysuckle Lane to County Road 88 at Superior Hardwoods
  • Monday October 21st: Intersection of Grady Lane and Cope Lane to Intersection of Broadway and Park Ave.
  • Tuesday October 22nd: Intersection of Broadway and Lockard Lane to Intersection of Broadway and Michigan Ave.
  • Wednesday October 23rd: Exline Road to Intersection of Pennsylvania Ave and 7th Street
  • Thursday October 24th: Cherrington Hill Reservoir at 5th Street to Intersection of #8 Pike and Broadway

Monday October 28th and Tuesday October 29th are scheduled as make up days for any hydrants missed or unable to be tested during its scheduled day. The areas affected by these make up days will be announced as they are known.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time, and please allow water to run until clear before attempting to use it, although discoloration should be minimal.

D Street will be closed just west of North Ohio Avenue where it intersects with the bike path and railroad tracks. This is necessary for repairs. Please use an alternate route so this important work can be completed.

2020 US Census

The 2020 United States Census is coming and we need to be ready. It is absolutely essential that we have a complete and accurate count.

Appalachian Ohio is disproportionately dependent on Federal and state funding, much of which is distributed using data that comes from the Census Bureau. Over $33 Billion dollars in Federal funding comes back to Ohio through 55 different programs. Furthermore, the state matching share for many of these programs is determined by formulas that include per-capita income. This is calculated by taking the state’s total income and dividing it by our total population. The lower the per-capita income, the lower the matching share.

An under-count on population will cost us significant amounts of money. Each uncounted person in Ohio costs about $1,200 in increased matching grant money.

One of the concerns that has been expressed about participation in the Census is a mistrust of government and a reluctance to share information. Census information is highly confidential and is not shared with anyone under penalty of law.

Please review the links from the Census Bureau about ways to make sure the contact you have is legitimate and not some type of scam.

Know Your City Ward

Here’s a map to show boundaries for voting wards.  Each ward has an elected council person, plus there are three “at large” council positions.  All voting in the city of Wellston occurs at the Jackson-Vinton Community Action Building (the old Central School) at 118 South New York Avenue.  Polls are set up in the gymnasium.city wards