Welcome to the Official Web Page for the City of Wellston, Ohio

Septic System Grants

Property owners can now use grant money to fix their septic system, whether or not they live at the property. They must be income eligible. This grant can also be able to be used to connect property owners to sewer lines.

The grant is available through the Jackson County Health Department. Contact them at (740) 286-5094, extension 2836 for more information.  This is county wide grant.



The 2015 (calendar year) Consumer Confidence Report for Wellston city water is now online. The report is located in the “Documents” section of this web site. Previous reports for 2014 and 2013 are also archived on that web page.

Cemetery Notice

As you have been advised, all flowers at Ridgewood Cemetery were to be removed by March 15.  This includes anything that is not on the monument.  City crews will be removing any artificial flowers and wreaths that are stuck in the ground before we begin to mow.  If you place flowers or solar lights on the grave site, they must be right up against the stone or marker.  They can not be in the line of mowers.  Even if they are placed up against the stone or marker, we still cannot be responsible when it comes to weed eating.   The only time we will remove anything from the monument is when it looks ratty.   We ask that you remove flowers two weeks after Memorial Day.

Know Your City Ward

Here’s a map to show boundaries for voting wards.  Each ward has an elected council person, plus there are three “at large” council positions.  All voting in the city of Wellston occurs at the Jackson-Vinton Community Action Building (the old Central School) at 118 South New York Avenue.  Polls are set up in the gymnasium.city wards