Welcome to the Official Web Page for the City of Wellston, Ohio

Mayor’s Office

Charlotte R. Patrick, Administrative Assistant

Charlotte R. Patrick, Administrative Assistant

I have lived in or around the city of Wellston my entire life. I love this town and just want other folks to feel the same way.  My duties are to serve as Secretary to Mayor Charlie Hudson, Safety and Service Director Jeffrey S. King, Utility Forman Jeff Bates and Code Enforcement Director Ryan Pelletier.

My job responsibilities include keeping files organized, handling correspondence, fax and mailings as needed, and answering the phones and logging calls – then making sure messages are relayed to the correct person.

I also work in the Clerk’s office as needed by taking in collections, posting bill payments, etc. and I handle ordering supplies for all city departments which includes checking for the best prices before ordering.  I also sort the mail for all city departments and distribute it daily. I enjoy working with the public and with the new administration and love to keep busy!

The Mayor’s Office is located on the 1st floor of the City Building

  • Phone  (740) 384-2720 
  • Fax  (740) 384-3357


The City of Wellston is an equal opportunity provider and employer


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