Welcome to the Official Web Page for the City of Wellston, Ohio

Code Enforcement

Ryan Pelletier, Director of Code Enforcement
Office Location: First Floor of City Hall
203 East Broadway Street
Wellston Ohio 45692
(740) 384-3842


Office of Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Office is responsible for the enforcement of the city’s codified ordinances relating to housing and property standards within the city.

This includes the condition and maintenance of property, houses and accessory structures, as well as garbage disposal, junk cars, and grass and weed ordinances. In addition, we enforce all city ordinances that relate to zoning.

Our office also deals with fire damaged structures to insure that rehabilitation or demolition occurs within a timely manner.



Code Enforcement Portal: https://wellstonoh234.portal.iworq.net/portalhome/wellstonoh234

Permit Manager: https://wellstonoh.portal.iworq.net/portalhome/wellstonoh

Rental Licenses: https://wellstonoh23.portal.iworq.net/portalhome/wellstonoh23

Contractor Licenses: https://wellstonoh2.portal.iworq.net/portalhome/wellstonoh2

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