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Archive for May 22, 2023

Wellston Municipal Court Date Set

Jackson County Municipal Court Judge Mark Musick has announced that he will open the Wellston Municipal Court Division on Friday, June 23 from 1pm to 3pm on the second floor of the City Building.

This set time will be for assigned hearings pursuant to notices, as well as any walk-in business for those who would like to deal with outstanding warrant issues, operator’s license or vehicle registration blocks, overdue fines, failure to appear, and the like. The Judge, Court Administrator, Clerk, Probation Officer, Drug Court Representative, Social Service Officer, and Bailiff will all be present. With questions, contact the Jackson County Municipal Court at (740)286-2718.

Those taking advantage of this date are asked to use the Police Department entrance to be buzzed into the building. For those who are in need of the accessible entrance and/or the elevator, please call the Wellston Police Department non-emergency line for assistance at (740)384-2171.

Please take note- All Wellston City Offices will be CLOSED on this day. You MUST use the Police Department entrance. Go up the stairs to the porch and press the buzzer to gain access to the building. Once inside, take the stairs to the second floor. Again, call the Wellston Police Department for accessibility assistance.

Reminder for Golf Carts and Side-by-Sides

Warmer weather is here and the golf carts and side-by-sides have been hitting the City streets. These vehicles MUST be inspected, titled, tagged, insured, and operated by a licensed driver.

Here are just a few pieces of information from Chapter 75: Bicycles, Motorcycles, and Off-Road Vehicles:

No person shall operate a golf cart or side-by-side on the streets within the City of Wellston unless the golf cart or side-by-side has been inspected by the Chief of Police or designee for compliance with the state’s statutory requirements that are applicable to motor vehicles…

While operating a golf cart or side-by-side on the streets within the city, the operator shall comply with any and all laws pertaining to motor vehicles including, without limitation, safety requirements and insurance requirements. The operator shall also have a valid driver’s license for the operation of motor vehicles in the state…

No person shall operate a golf cart or side-by-side upon any street in the city where the posted speed limit is 35 mph or greater…

Here is the complete legislation: https://codelibrary.amlegal.com/codes/wellston/latest/wellston_oh/0-0-0-4691

For more information, call the Wellston Police Department non-emergency line at (740)384-2171.