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New Trash Truck- New Rules

The new side-loading garbage truck is finally here!

Here are some tips for proper cart placement:

  1. Do not block. In order to keep cost down and our drivers safe, many if not most of our new truck uses an automated arm to collect the trash from the curb. It is very important that the carts are not blocked by vehicles or other obstructions that can prevent the truck’s arm from easily reaching the carts.
  2. Carts should open towards the street. Do not place your carts sideways or backwards at the curb. The lids should always open towards the street to prevent damage to the lid/cart. The arrows on the lid should always point toward the street as pictured below.


Whether you have one or multiple carts, you should always leave a minimum of 2-3 feet between the cart and other objects (additional carts, mailboxes, trees, etc.) Always ensure the carts are visible for the driver to see and service. The best placement for a cart is at the end of the driveway or on the grass within 2-3 feet from the road and any other objects.

Those living on a dead-end will no longer be able to put their cans at the end of the street as pictured below. Cans need to be accessible to the side arm. These cans should be placed on either side of the street.

According to Chapter 50.03, “…cans shall be kept water-tight, that all garbage must be bagged and fit into the can with the lid shut…” The two examples below will NOT be picked up in the future. These homeowners will most likely need to order a second trash can. New receptacles can be ordered by calling the Water Department at 740-384-2040. ADDITIONAL BAGS WILL NO LONGER BE PICKED UP AT ANY TIME; ALL BAGS MUST FIT INSIDE THE CAN WITH A CLOSED LID. The arm can actually spill these overflowing cans.

Large pick-up items, such as mattresses, furniture, etc., will need to be scheduled in advance for your regular trash day. At least 3 days notice should be given for large items. To schedule a large item pick-up, call the Water Department at 740-384-2040, or email ksperaw@cityofwellston.org or rcoffman@cityofwellston.org.

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