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Archive for April 28, 2022

Contractors Must Now Register

In an effort to move the City of Wellston in a direction of growth, Code Enforcement Officer Ryan Pelletier recommended the implementation of a new City ordinance for registering contractors who conduct business within the City. Council accepted Pelletier’s recommendation, and now contractors MUST register with the Office of Code Enforcement.
Many residential and commercial projects conducted within the City are performed without liability insurance. Pelletier researched many municipalities throughout Ohio, including Chillicothe, Lancaster, Mentor, and many more.

Here are the benefits of Contractor Registration:

  1. Allows for each contractor who performs business within the city to provide a level of service to the certification they may hold.
  2. The plan will require contractors to provide a minimum of $250,000 in coverage for bodily harm and property damage. It will NOT be the responsibility of the City to ensure the contractor is carrying the proper amount of liability coverage for the job being performed. This only ensures the contract is at least carrying some sort of liability coverage.
  3. The plan will ensure that individuals proclaiming to be certified licensed contractors do in fact have a license in their area of expertise.
  4. All contractors who obtain the registration will be listed on the city website along with their registration verification. This verification will show any license numbers they may carry.
  5. The plan will generate some income to be used to help offset the cost of the Zoning/Code Enforcement department. The registration fee will be $100.00 for each contractor annually
  6. The plan will also make ALL contractors performing work in the city to register with RITA.

To access the forms online, visit https://cityofwellston.org/permits/