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Archive for July 12, 2021

Wellston Recognizes 1st Employee of the Quarter

Too often we take modern conveniences for granted. In our busy lives, we don’t always take time to appreciate the marvel of turning on a faucet and water pouring out, flipping a switch and a light turning on, or putting the trash out and someone coming to take it away. Most often, these conveniences go unrecognized until something goes wrong: a snow storm wreaks havoc on your morning commute, or a water pipe bursts and your morning shower is interrupted. Behind each of these amenities, which helps the City of Wellston to run smoothly, are dozens of essential workers.

Pictured (from the left) are: Service Director Anthony Brenner; Employee of the Quarter Paul “Buzz” Ervin; and Mayor Charlie Hudson.

Being a municipal worker is a tough, dirty, and, sometimes, thankless job. For these reasons, the City of Wellston would like to recognize Paul “Buzz” Ervin as the very first Employee of the Quarter. Buzz first took employment with the city on January 30, 1995 and is currently listed as a Street Employee, although he wears many different hats for the residents of our little city. Buzz can be found most days doing road work, but most will probably recognize him from the delivery of the blue trash cans. He answers street calls, as well as garbage calls, performs tree trimming, helps with water issues, helped to install the new flagpoles, and is basically an “all-around great employee to the city and never complains,” per Service Director Anthony Brenner.