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The City of Wellston will be conducting spring clean-up for 2021 from May 3 through May 7 for residents inside the city limits.

Customers can set out trash on their normal trash day during that week. Fees for excessive garbage and large items will not apply during that week ONLY.

All furniture must still be wrapped and sealed in plastic before being picked up. All trash must be bagged or boxed and not to exceed 50 pounds; carpet and rugs must be cut into small pieces and bagged. Items that will not be taken are as follows:  tires; paint; building materials/shingles; hazardous materials; propane tanks; motor oil; and scrap metal.

Help Us Wipe Out a Problem

How Big Is the Problem?

  • Some bigger cities have reported:
  • Increased maintenance- $20-30k/year/station
  • Increased electrical costs- $30k/year/station

*Seattle spends $500,000/year removing wipes from pump stations

Although Wellston is only a small fraction of the size of these larger municipalities, the problem is the same.


The very characteristic that makes wipes so attractive from a cleaning standpoint – wet strength – makes them a nightmare to clean up in the sewer system. Wipes retain their strength, attach to other wipes and catch on equipment in ropy chains. Wipes also form clumps that grow into hard masses creating blockages and damaging equipment. Sewers need to be cleaned with high pressure water jet equipment to break apart these obstructions, and pumps have to be pulled so messy clumps can be detangled and cut away.

Communities throughout the country are becoming increasingly frustrated as wipes create havoc in their sewer pipes, pumping and lift stations and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Maintenance costs are rising due to increased labor to clean and remove the wipes. Some communities are switching to different style pumps but the wipes just travel further downstream and eventually have to be dealt with at the WWTP.