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Peddler’s Licenses

This pink slip must be shown upon request and is available at the City Building. The cost is $10 and is good for one day.

It has came to the City’s attention that there have been multiple concerns arising to peddlers/solicitors in the area. According to the Wellston Code of Ordinances, a PEDDLER or SOLICITOR is a person or persons who commences to operate a store or other place in the city for the retail sale of agricultural products, goods, wares or merchandise or who, on the streets or traveling from place to place about the city, sells, bargains to sell or solicits orders for agricultural products, goods, wares or merchandise by retail, except for the following: (1) A person selling by sample only; (2) A person selling agricultural articles or products that the person himself or herself has grown; (3) A person selling manufactured articles or products that the person himself or herself has manufactured; (4) A person selling articles or products in a street fair approved by Council, including the Coal Festival, so long as the person is located in the fair area or Coal Festival area as such area is designated by City Council; and (5) A charitable or nonprofit organization.

All person(s) planning to solicit within the city limits are REQUIRED to obtain this license; failure to do so can result in a fine not to exceed $100. These are available at the Wellston City Building (Mayor’s Office or Police Department) at a cost of $10 per day. If a solicitor comes to your door and fails to show this pink permit upon request, please contact the Wellston Police Department at (740)384-2171.

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