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Delinquent Grass Cutting List

PHASE III – Issued July 26, 2018

A list of delinquent grass parcels located within the city of Wellston.

Property Owner | Address | Parcel Number

  • William B. Dunn 210 N. Pennsylvania Av M240090003600
  • Paul & Betty Jane Ghearing / Cindy Townsend 11 E. C St M240060005000
  • William D. Morris & Philip Lee Morris 10 E. C St M240090002300
  • Kenneth A. Mills 309 E. A St M240090009500
  • Randy K. & Jane A. Pedigo 416 W. Broadway St M240110011200
  • Danielle Stilson 19 N. Minnesota Av M240110002400
  • Donald W. Jones Jr. 515 W. A St M240080010700
  • Randy K. & Jane A. Pedigo 418 E. 2nd St M240230012500
  • Jack Pratt / Carol Estep-Scheerhorn 1010 S. Vermont Av M240230008500
  • Winifred Gregory 923 S. Pennsylvania Av M240220004100
  • Nancy M. White 15 S. Michigan Av M240110016600
  • Oasis Rentals LLC 241 S. Michigan Av M240200006600
  • James C Jones II 804 S. Michigan Av M240210007600
  • Mary S. Floyd 41 W. 10th St M240210008500
  • Terry Smith 223 W. 2nd St M240110020600
  • Bonnie Longworth Summers (Deceased) 448 S. Illinois Av M240200010400
  • Harry C. Manring Jr. 412 S. Wisconsin Av M240200013800
  • Steve & Carla Osborne 705 S. Wisconsin Av M240190001000
  • Thomas Morgan (Deceased) 808 S. Wisconsin Av M240200015700
  • Ralph E. Christian 1001 S. Wisconsin Av M240190000200
  • Duane E. Winland 1257 S. Michigan Av M240280007100

Ryan Pelletier, Director of Code Enforcement
City of Wellston
203 East West Broadway Street
Wellston, Ohio 45692
740-384-3842, Office
740-384-3357, Fax

ALERT: Phone Scam

We have been getting reports from all over southern Ohio that people have been receiving phone calls from the Wellston Police Department’s phone number (740) 384-2171, and the person on the other line is identifying themselves as a representative of the WPD.

The reports state that the person making the call is telling the person answering that they have or will have a warrant for their arrest and they need to pay money in order to not go to jail. The caller then asks for the person’s credit card number for payment.

THIS IS A SCAM! This is not us calling.  Scammers can make certain numbers show up on your caller ID. We do not call people and tell them that they have warrants for their arrest and then ask for money. We do not accept credit cards as a form of bond payment.

If you receive one of these calls, please do not give out sensitive information such as credit card numbers or personal identifying information over the phone. If you want to be sure, simply tell the caller that you want to call us back with more information, and call us at (740) 384-2171

Do not call us back at another number given to you by the caller. The Wellston Police Department will always answer at (740) 384-2171.

City Income Tax

RITA will be managing taxes for both Jackson and Wellston. If you have questions, please call 1-800-860-7482. There are a lot of people that live in Wellston but work in Jackson. Please talk to your employer and to RITA to make sure it is done properly.